10 Home Hacks to try this summer

by Divvy


Here's a few sure-fire way to keep the house organised and a little less frantic this summer!

1. Use a picture frame as a whiteboard

Use a picture frame as a whiteboard, or you know if you just want to be 100 million times more efficient, just get Divvy (coming soon, we promise). 

2. Use strips of velcro as teddy-storage

Here's a handy hack for all the parents out there, stick the teddy bears up on the wall to avoid them being stepped on, and keep them on hand!




3. Floating Storage

Nope, it's not star trek stuff, this isn't defying gravity, just simply using plain ol' jars for handy floating storage. This is a must for saving counter-top space, just attach the lid of jars to the underside of a counter/desk. 

4. Use a wine-rack as a wall organiser

Combination of a pegboard and a wine rack = unrivaled organisation! 

5. Use a rod under the kitchen sink

This is one of those discreet little tweaks that just makes everyone's lives so much easier. Use a tension rod under the sink to store and hang things.

6. DIY Charging Station

Put one of these in each high traffic area so everyone has a little charging station and there's no wire clutter. 

7. Shoe organiser to hold cleaning products

This is pretty handy, no more diggingin the cabinet to try and find what you need, it's all laid out in front of you!

8. Magnetic Spice Jars

Easily access all of your spices.

9. Divvy

Sorry to toot our own horn, but really we are the organisational power tool, learn more at http://divvyapp.co there you'll see how to get your hands on it early also!

10. If it all falls apart, just use Roomy to move out

If (and when) it all falls apart and no matter how many magnetic spice jars you put up, it still doesn't work justuse Roomy to find new roommates!