Elevatr: A side project

by Divvy


"Usually a startup doesn't release a side project until their initial product is out..."

It started with me asking Dylan what code-wizard skills I’d need to make a tinder for startups type website, turns out he liked the idea so much that he took the reigns of the coding wizardry (probably for the best). 

So what is it? 

Elevatr is a website where entrepreneurs, developers, designers or anyone really, can share their startup ideas (or existing startups), and they can be liked or disliked by the community in a tinder style swiping motion. 

We’ll be launching later today on Product Hunt, so if you have a startup idea or an existing startup, shoot us an email at hello@divvyapp.co. 

We’ve always been lovers of side projects and even if it means shifting our focus from Divvy for a night, it’s worth it. We wanted to build this site as a fun source of entertainment for the startup world, let us know what you think on twitter @divvy_app