Guide to remote working for start ups

by Divvy


Early stage startups don't have thousands of dollars to spend on office space, here's how the team at Divvy are working remotley

 Budget is a huge struggle for early stage startups, so you don't exactly have thousands of dollars to spend on rent each month, this means that you have to work remotely.

When myself and Dylan started Divvy in December of last year we just met up in Starbucks every few weeks to brainstorm and what not, in the meantime we just communicated via facebook. When we realised that we'd need another developer to help with iOS, we posted a job on Angel List, as we didn't have any capital we decided that we'd take someone on board as a co-founder. 

When we narrowed down the candidates and came to our decision we chose a person based in India, we're all the way over in Ireland so clearly popping down to the local Starbucks wasn't an option, and facebook wasn't really the most professional way of keeping in touch. 



Here are the tools we used and how we use them

Trello: This super simple task management tool is what we use to stay on top of tasks, we make a board for things like iOS development and then make three different lists: "to-do", "doing" and "done" and then drag tasks over to each. 

Slack: We use Slack to keep in touch and send files across (and occasionally gifs). It works really well because it keeps a searchable record of all the files so you can easily get a file from a while back if you need.

We've hooked up our Slack with Google Hangouts integration so we can just type /hangout to start a call, we also have google docs integration to collaborate on files quickly and giphy integration so we can just type /giphy to send a random gif. 

Marvel: We use Marvel to prototype during development, it basically links up JPEGS/PSD's using hotspots so you can make a running prototype of your mobile app or website.

It's really handy because it makes sure that everyone's on the same page when it comes to development and lets us see how the end product will run.

The secret though to remote collaboration, is communication and passion. 

- David

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