Starting up: New hires, UI design and more.

by Divvy


It’s been a busy couple of months for our growing team here at Divvy.

We’ve gained a new team member, Mohit who is an awesome iOS developer from Pune in India, who we recruited from Angel List. 

We completely also redesigned our whole UI, and it’s looking even more awesome than before!

It now incorporates different colour schemes for each list, and a button to add items and a cool new sequence for adding products. 

And most excitingly of all we were selected to exhibit at the Web Summit, one of Europes biggest tech conferences being held in Dublin this November.  We were selected as part of their ALPHA program which is for the top 15% of emerging startups.

If you’re signed up to be one of our Beta testers you can expect us to get in touch with you next month giving you early access.

Thanks for all of your support, another update coming soon - David