May Update #2: Calling all early adopters

by Divvy


It's been a busy month of developing and designing here at Divvy...

Our two amazing developers Mohit and Dylan have been coding full steam, trying to roll out Divvy to all of our awesome people who signed up to our beta (you rock guys!). 

Meanwhile while all of our focus has shifted to getting the development side done, I slipped up and forgot about marketing… for lots of the start of the month, our traffic was dead and then I started blogging on the 14th of June and look at what happened

BOOM! So what do I learn from this huge spike? That blog posts (like this one) are hella awesome! 

So startups listen up it’s been said thousands of times before but I’ll say it again… content is king.

Our pre-launch strategy is simple: 
1. Blog up until the release to drive traffic to our website.

2. Sign up as many influencers and early adopters to our beta as possible, and we're going to do that by reaching out to influencers and having a page on our website where early adopters can actually create their account and once the beta is ready, they'll be all set up. 

3. Tweeting constantly to keep us in people's minds and to gain followers. 

So here's why the key to any pre-launch strategy is early adopters: 

We need early adopters (aka you the reader) to sign up to get your hands on Divvy before anyone else over at and use the code "BLOG" (that will ensure when we're sorting through the entries that you'll get access first). 

We need you guys to tell us what you love and what you hate about Divvy so we can make it as awesome as possible when we launch to the public, you guys will really have the power to shape something awesome! 

We've got a few early adopters eager to try our app at the moment but here's a quick guide for startups to get early adopters: 

Post your startup on Beta List: this is a must for startups, they take about a month to process applications so plan accordingly. We got a couple thousand visits to our website, 200 mailing list sign ups, 100 beta testers, 50 Twitter followers and 790 retweets on the tweet that beta list sent out about us.Create a form: don't ask people to go out of their way to email you to get early access, make a form where people can sign up to get early access. Create exclusivity and intrigue around your product: having something like 'request an invite' on your website or having a queue for people to gain access. Referrals: offer early adopters priority access if they refer their friends. 

One more thing before I sign off, if you've ever wanted to take place in a distributed hackathon then now's your chance! Sign up to the Maker Hunt  Makerthon, Maker Hunt is an exclusive invite only Slack community filled with nearly 900 Product hunt makers, it should be a really great event and a really good chance to network, register here:
The live stream will be hosted by App Chat Radio's John Skogland it should be an awesome hackathon with some cool products at the end.