What do we even do here at Divvy?

by Divvy


We're changing the way your house shops in a big way...

Ever wake up, put on a pot of coffee, think to yourself "this is going to be a good day", pour your cup of coffee into your favourite mug and then open the fridge, only to realise you have no milk.. Now this was not going to be a good day, you haven't had your morning cup of joe and you are cranky, under-caffeinated and plotting your revenge on who ever used the last drop of milk. 

Nobody wants this scenario, not you and definitely not your poor innocent flatmate who used the milk last. So how are we helping you avoid this? Simple, we're making a single app that keeps your homes shopping lists in one easy to access place, it also keeps other important stuff in one place too, like receipts and also the groceries or items which you've previously bought, so you never accidentally get the same thing twice. 

So here's the new Divvy'd scenario, rewind 24hours, the previous morning you make your cup of coffee, add the milk and since the carton is a little empty you take out your phone and toggle milk as running low. Your flatmate then uses the milk for her coffee, and with one tap adds milk to your homes shopping list, so everyone in the house can see, instantly, yep no specifying who the item needs to be shared with, and then accepting email links, downloading new apps.. NO MORE! Now it's just one app, instant sharing to everyone in the whole entire house and all of your shopping lists. 
So you're now at work and you see that your flatmate, let's call her Jenny has used all of the milk, you take note of this, but no way are you going to remember by the time you leave work, hell no! 

So you leave work, you're not thinking about milk, but Divvy sure is, you're walking, approaching, a store (still not thinking about milk by the way) and Divvy sends you a friendly little notification like "hey remember Jenny used all that milk! You're near a store, why don't you get some?", so you go into the store, buy the milk, tick it off your list with a sense of unparalleled productivity and self-satisfaction, and then snap a pic of the receipt so you know where your money went. 

Fast forward now to the next morning, you make your cup of joe, add milk, sip and just feel happy that everything is going your way. 

Lists, pantry, smart notifications and receipts, however, are not all!

We also have a blackboard feature which is like the digital equivalent of the fridge door (if you also use your fridge door to chat with people in your house.. If so you really need to take a hard look at yourself...). 

The blackboard is a handy message board/ group chat for the whole house where you can post ideas for dinner, keep everyone up to date or say whatever else you need.

So that's it, that is how we're changing the way your home shops, and you'll be able to experience it soon (like mid July soon!) but if you simply can't wait and you need it in like June, you can head over to http://divvyapp.co/beta and fill out the form (if you send us out a tweet you'll be more likely to get your hands on it sooner.. *wink wink*).